It's pretty common knowledge these days that the danger of sitting in one place for too long on an airplane flight is a real issue. The risk of deep vein thrombosis is one you really don't want to take. So how do you protect yourself? Here are some easy, comfortable ideas that will help. The added bonus is doing these stretches and simple exercises will also help prevent your back and knees from getting too stiff.

Take advantage of the space in the terminal before your flight and during any stop overs. The ability to move around in an open space rather than a small confined airplane is not something to take for granted. Yes, we know you are tired but moving around when you have the space will give you important benefits.

Doing small exercises in your seat can increase the blood flow and not disturb the people around you. Of course do not do anything that hurts without consulting a medical professional. Exercises like neck twists and ankle rolls should not hurt when you are doing them and will help your circulation.

Try these small exercises which can make a big difference in your health as you travel.

Neck Rolls: Releasing tension in your neck by moving your head around from side to side with your shoulders relaxed. Move your head up and down as if to nod yes or no. Bring your ears gently to your shoulders on each side. Move your head in a circular motion. This simple exercise will help avoid stiffness.

Ankle twists: Move your foot in a circular motion in one direction and then the other. Then switch feet. This will help the circulation in your feet and legs.

Walk: Of course, the most important thing to do is get up and walk a bit. About once an hour take a few laps to the bathroom in the front or back of the plane which also helps the legs and brain gets the oxygen rich blood it needs.

None of this will make a long airplane ride go faster but at least you will probably feel better when you get there than if you just stay in the same position in your seat for the whole flight.