Especially while travelling, when your life is so busy, it's easy to feel fatigued, run down and sluggish. There are certain foods like power bars or chocolate, that we tend to grab, hoping to get a quick burst of energy, but those foods aren't necessarily the best choices to keep your energy levels moving in the right direction.

Let's look at some of the pitfalls and then examine what can be better solutions to an energy lag in your day.

One of the things people often do in order to lose weight and be healthier is cut calories, while that may be a great idea, cutting out snacking is not good for your energy levels. To keep up your get up and go, eat healthy snacks throughout the day rather than thinking that snacking will lead to weight gain. Eating a fruit or some nuts for example, will help keep your blood sugar even and as a result your energy levels will also be more even.

Depending on coffee to keep you energized might actually have the opposite effect. Substituting healthy energy filled foods will in fact be much better for your body than that third or fourth cup of coffee. Try an apple with peanut butter, a handful of trail mix or rice cakes with humus instead.  Also be careful not to drink too much coffee later in the day, since it might cause you to sleep less at night which will make your energy issues worse In the morning.

When you are tired, you might be inclined to get a few more zzzs instead of taking the time to eat breakfast. Eating a protein rich breakfast will really give you much more of a boost than an extra half hour of sleep.

Making sure your daily diet has enough iron rich foods such as red meat will also help to keep your energy up on a regular basis.

Avoiding these common misconceptions and implementing the energy boosting tips here can make your day go more smoothly whether you are travelling, working or enjoying time with your family.