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OneTapCare Services

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services onetapcareOneTapCare provides travelers, tourists and groups worldwide 24/7 access to concierge medical care.

 Discover English-speaking, trustworthy, healthcare professionals
 Get unbiased diagnosis and treatment from a licensed health provider
 Avoid expensive Urgent Care/ER visits
 Receive prescriptions as appropriate and available
 Enjoy a secure HIPAA-compliant platform for privacy

What OneTapCare Provides

Emergency Medical Consults

Emergency Medical Consults

* Emergency trained medical providers
* Unlimited 24/7/365 consultations
* Clinical Assessment. Crisis Intervention
* PE/PM Fee Includes employees/dependents
* Referrals to local Psychiatrists or Counselors

Medical Assessment

Medical Assessment

* Triage, treat, return to tour/work
* Non- life-threatening injury assessed
* Avoid expensive Urgent Care/ER Visit
* Prescriptions & diagnostic testing
* Specialist referral when necessary

US Certified Doctors

US Certified Doctors

* US Board, certified and licensed
* Over 20 years of experience
* Doctors that have practiced worldwide
* High clinical quality specialists
* Responsive and dedicated to follow up

Concierge Care and Trust

Concierge Care and Trust

* Save time and money on local ER visits
* Talk to english speaking doctors and specialists
* 24/7/365 access via mobile, video or visits
* Travel anywhere with a relaxed mindset
* Providing constant support, medical coordination

Why OneTapCare?

  • App Chat / Telemedicine

    Tourists and groups arrive in Israel from all over the world. Whether it is a fever, a cough, or a bad stomach ache, travelers are not sure if they need to see the doctor or even if it’s a medical emergency. Today, most travel and student organizations need to make that decision for the participant. But programs that manage tourists and students do not have health professionals to conduct a thorough assessment of the health issue. As a result, there are many unnecessary doctor appointments, unneeded urgent care visits, and even needless emergency room.
  • Mobile Telemedicine

    Your participants are a phone call away from a health professional answering all their questions and to assess the situation to decide what needs to be done next. Telemedicine services are available 24/7 with our trained professionals staffing the service. We offer diagnostic information and opinions, medication recommendations, preventative care, health education, as well as advice on how to treat injuries and illnesses.
  • ER Advocacy

    Every travel program in Israel has been to the emergency room with an ailing or injured participant. The ERs in Israel are overcrowded and full of medical personnel and patients. Tourists and students are often at a disadvantage because they are not a part of the Kupat Holim(health care) system. They don’t have family support, or any support staff from a travel group which can speak medical Hebrew to a health provider.
  • Emergency Room Accompaniment

    Our Emergency Room Accompaniment service sends a health professional to the ER to advocate for your participant, for up to 2 hours. Our Hebrew speaking nurses are there to communicate with the traveler, student, the school and the student’s parents. We can answer the student’s questions and speak to on call doctors about decisions being made. We facilitate care by talking with the ER staff, so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be decided quickly.

    Emergencies include:
    • Referral from physician for any reason
    • Loss of consciousness/ seizures
    • Broken bone (major bone)
    • Acute dislocation
    • Major injury
    • Foreign body aspiration
    • Foreign body in eye
    • Infants with fever
    • Sexual assault
    • Traumatic injury
    • Psychiatric emergencies
    • Anaphylactic / allergic reaction
    • Post-Epipen administration
    • Head injury
    • Snake or scorpion bite
    • Bite from animal at risk for rabies
    • Third degree burns

Average Response Time: 3 Minutes





Conditions We Treat



Poison Ivy

Sore Throat

Insect Bites

Pink Eye

Urinary Infections




Ear Infections

Mild Asthma

Sinus Infection

Pediatric Conditions

Sports Injuries

and much more

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Interested in our concierge medical services?
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